A bit about me...

I was born in Adelaide, Australia,
I played outside with bare feet and the dirt between my toes,
I climbed trees and swung on the clothes line...
much to mother's horror.
I have lived in Melbourne, Vancouver and now Scotland;
a place I have called home with my family for the past 14 years.

I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing and currently work part-time.
My research interest is centred around using interactive documentary film as an immersive experience.

I began climbing at age 32, via a start-up session at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. Lured to the rock outside in 2012, and in 2014 led my first climbing expedition to East Greenland.


Inspirational Speaking

Something which initially wasn't on the radar but... I love it! I have spoken at events for RSGS, Edinburgh Napier University, Career Ready, Lionheart Challenge and Blackness Primary school.

  • + Schools
  • + Corporate Events
  • + Charity Events
  • + Societies

Through my own personal experiences, I thrive on the opportunity to inspire others, to raise their own aspirations and discover what they can do in the 'uncomfortable zone'.


Digital Media Design

I work on a freelance basis with extensive experience in print media and digital imaging. Please view my work if you are looking for a flexible solution to your digital media requirements.


Upcoming Trips & Events

Easter - To be decided
July/August - South Africa with Tiso Young Ambassador Niamh Alldred
September - Australia
July/August- Expedition